Back to School Kick-Off Parties for Homeschoolers!

How will you kick off your school year? We're splashing our way into a fun 2011/2012 with a Back to School Pool Party!

Make a Big Splash with your kids by throwing a Back to School Party!

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It’s a fantastic day when my kids start begging to begin homeschooling again. As the weeks are winding down for summer, the desire to geer up and get prepared for the coming school year is knocking at my door just about every day. I want so much for my children to have a hunger & thirst for learning of all kinds. My delight is in seeing their eyes open wide as a new concept is consumed or a fun new project is finished & they are bursting with pride. One of my main ways to get this desire to learn & excitement for school off to a good start is to hold a fun Back To School Party with our homeschool friends.
August is fast approaching & we here in FL have to report to school (public) by the 3rd week of August. Homeschoolers may start at anytime, but we like to follow the public school schedule to keep attendance records easier. Knowing my days are short, I have jam-packed the next few weeks with tons of family fun time before its time to get serious in the studies again. What better way to end then to have a grand finale with all our favorite people in a really cool place? My son would ask, “When is the big back to school party with my friends at the waterpark, mom?”
This is our 3rd year as a homeschool group kicking off the year right with a super splash & sun day at a Lakefront park. The kids love it since it has a community pool & waterplay area inside. There are racing lanes, free swim pools, waterslides, splash pads for the little ones, and a large water gym with dumping stations, water canons and such. My kids adore going there & have a fantastic time no matter who they are with, but I especially love to see them getting to make new friends at the same time. We’ve gotten our invitation again for this year’s Back to School Party too, and my kids are counting down the days. When that momentous day comes, my joy is complete seeing them laugh & scream in delight as they get sprayed, splashed & are generally just having a really great time with their friends. The moms have fun too sharing curriculum ideas with each other & getting to see who has kids the same age so they can exchange numbers or emails & get together for play dates in the future. If you are lucky enough to have a special park, or attraction near you that you only go to once every year or so, I encourage you to consider a special Back to School blast there with some friends & make this coming school year start off with joy & excitement.

What do you do for FUN to start your school year off with a bang? Are there any special field trips you take? Do you have creative or themed learning centers you make for the kids to explore? You could have interesting arts & craft projects to plan in the first month to develop renewed interest in your kids lives for hands on learning, right? Do you make special plans with a group of other homeschooling families to hold some type of Back to School party? Please SHARE with me & the other homeschool moms out there what your family prefers to do to ignite that learning passion for the new school year. We would all LOVE to get some fresh ideas! 🙂 Your comments are greatly appreciated!

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